DIY Disasters: Repairs to Leave to the Pros

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Home repairs and improvements’ DIY videos and tutorials are rising into popularity on the Internet. However, most experts say that they might cause the homeowner more repair and damage costs than hiring a professional service. Certainly, there are home projects that may be easy to do but this does not mean that all house-related maintenance and repairs are the same.

This is why we share with you the important repairs you need to leave to the pros:


Most people think that plumbing is a job for everyone; however, this statement bears no truth. When you are faced with issues more than unclogging your drain, we recommend that you call and hire plumbers Irvine to help you ensure the safety and the full repair of the project. For instance, when you install a new pipe or replace a hot water heater, you will need some safety regulations, as well as permits, to prove your method is safe.

2.Electrical Works

Most cities and towns would require a professional technician when an electric-related issue is experienced. A professional that has a license, insurance, and complete training is needed for this kind of job. This is understandable as electrical-related problems, no matter how small, can develop into injurious and life-threatening accidents in the house. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the United States alone has an estimation of 45,0000 fire accidents per year.

3.HVAC System

There are HVAC-related home repairs that can be easily done by amateurs in the house such as unclogging a drain line or changing a filter. However, doing serious repairs, as well as replacing an HVAC system, is definitely a job that only professionals are capable of doing. Improper repairs can lead to serious damage such as freon leaks.

4.Gas Appliance Installation

It is definitely wrong to change and install gas appliances as the material itself is poisonous and explosive. When you change your preference from a gas stove to electric, it is important that you hire a professional plumber to do the job for you and for safety purposes. Also, the installation needs to meet the code provided for this kind of installation.

5. Tree Removal

When dealing with bigger trees at home, it is recommended to hire a professional as they have enough experience, skills, and equipment in doing the job without causing some damages to anything near the tree which could be your roof, car, etc. Also, professional tree services have insurance and certifications to perform the job.

6.Roof installation and Repair

Roof installation and repair service is one of the dangerous jobs in America and it needs a professional worker with safety gear and equipment as well as training ad experience to do the job safely and efficiently. The statistics do not lie; there are several cases of injuries that have happened because of DIY roofing installation and repairs. So it is better to ditch the project and hire a service.

Other dangerous jobs to do:

Basement waterproofing

Asbestos removal

Molds removal

Wall demolition

Hardwood floor refinishing

Exterior painting

Chimney cleaning

Structural improvements

When you are not confident with your skills and tools in the house, it is highly recommended that you hire only professional services for safety purposes.

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