Tips to Clean Your Bedroom this Spring

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In the end, our bedroom is the place where we get to spend not less than 7 to 8 hours every night for us to rejuvenate and relax to be ready for the following day. Hence, it’s only reasonable to keep our bedroom spic and span and make this an integral part of our home maintenance project. For that, we’ve come up with some methods and hacks to clean our bedroom area that must help you commence your cleanings session.

Provide a thorough dusting

The bedroom, similar to other areas in our home space, commonly amasses tons of grime and dust over time. Hence, before taking down your bed linens, pillow covers, and duvets for providing the, a thorough cleaning, we suggest that you should dust the crannies, nooks, bedside lamps, shelves, vents, and ceiling. Utilizing a duster would be fitting, particularly a feather duster.

Clean your gadgets with a microfiber cloth

Spray a dry microfiber cloth mop with a cleaning liquid from an aerosol to moisten it. Then, wipe this damp cloth over your gadgets, baseboards, windowsills, TV, tabletops in your bedroom. Take a furniture cleaning solution to mop clean all items of furniture you have and then utilize an eco-friendly polish to help restore their surfaces’ gloss.

Swipe all of the fixtures that have a glass top

Special glass cleaning solutions and detergents are available that perfectly come together for swipe cleaning the TV screen, glass frames of windows, cabinet mirror, and dressing table mirror. Or else, a solution of vinegar and water would do the work. After you spray the solution, you can mop down the surface with a bunch of newspapers or a dry and clean microfiber cloth.

Deal with the floor

Sweep your bedroom flooring using a high-quality broom and then mop the whole area with a cloth duster. Using a vacuum cleaner, clear the dust from spaces that you can hardly access by hand. The kind of cleaning solution you will utilize will surely be based on what flooring type your home has.

Rinse clean your bedding

Remove the bed linens or sheet, the mattress pad, and the pillow covers and then clean them thoroughly with a machine. Make sure to set the temperature low and utilize a mild wash cycle. The most recommended cleaner to use would be a homemade detergent, however, you can resort to purchasing economically-friendly detergents. Utilize a bleaching agent only when your bedding items have stains.

Clean the mattress

When it comes to spring cleaning a bedroom, the ultimate thing you need to do is to flip the mattress, turning it upside down, and then dust the same with baking soda. You can look for ways and techniques on how to make sure that your mattress will be kept clean and smell good for a long time.

If you need some help for your bedroom cleaning, you can always resort to a regularly scheduled cleaning in Scottsdale AZ and have a hassle-free and clean bedroom all the time.

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